A Meaningful Holiday

I love the Holidays, especially Christmas. It has always been a day of family, friendship, love and cooking, ever since I was a little girl. I have fond, beautiful memories of Christmas pasts, watching my grandmother cook with such dedication, and the smells… Oohhh so enticing you could taste them in the air. She was … More A Meaningful Holiday

Giving Thanks

When I moved to the US some 15 years ago, I remember being extremely skeptical about Thanksgiving Day. I can almost say I despised the holiday simply because I, as an immigrant from a war ridden country, had never really taken a day to just give thanks. I use to tell friends, family and co-workers … More Giving Thanks

I challenge you

If you have ever tuned in to XM channel 128 you may recognize these words: I am strong, I am healthy , I am getting younger, I am the son of the most high creator… I listen to Joel Osteen everyday, several times during the day. And today, as he was saying that “we have to … More I challenge you