War of the Pits

The title sums up the toughest part of becoming green. It almost feels that you have to reinvent the wheel ah! ufff!!  There is something about having an undesirable smell (B.O.), sweaty axillas, sweaty clothes and yellow armpit stains.   Way before we started this blog I  tried to find natural deodorants. My sister introduced … More War of the Pits

Challenging the green!

Are organic beauty products better? To some of you the answer is like duh! of course…Many of the owners of these natural or organic lines have suffered skin issues themselves that have driven them to create natural lines of beauty products. Some other owners may have had kids or family members who had reactions to … More Challenging the green!

Winter Routine

I’m going to start this post by stating this title is kinda laughable because there is no true winter in Miami, Florida, where I live. Particularly this year with the El Niño phenomenon. By the way, why do they call it El Niño? What has el pobre (poor) niño (kid) done to deserve this? I … More Winter Routine

The Monthly Box

There is something so fantastic about getting a box in the mail… it truly brings a smile to my face, especially when it’s a box full of organic goodies I have carefully and patiently waited for 😉 Let me talk a little bit about my journey into an organic lifestyle, because I am sure we all … More The Monthly Box

I challenge you

If you have ever tuned in to XM channel 128 you may recognize these words: I am strong, I am healthy , I am getting younger, I am the son of the most high creator… I listen to Joel Osteen everyday, several times during the day. And today, as he was saying that “we have to … More I challenge you