Eco-Vloggers I Heart

I am so excited about the blog post I bring to you today, mainly because I may have a slight obsession with YouTube and an even more obsession with Eco-vloggers.

I guess it started long before I decided to become a blogger, this obsession with YouTube I mean. I could (and still can) watch endless videos on hair and makeup tutorials and can probably recite by heart the products YouTubers have made famous. But frankly, YouTube is such an overarching platform, perfect for a quick, in the moment review or recommendation. And boy oh boy, have they recommended things for me 🙂

Today, I want to pass some of my obsession to you. Because sharing is caring :). And because these YouTubers may teach you a thing or two about starting or maintaining your own green lifestyle journey, just as they have taught me. A disclaimer though, not all of their content is always Eco-friendly. But their approach and personalities make up for it, trust me.

So here it is, my top 5 green vloggers (in no particular order)!

Jenna Catherine Eco Beauty + Lifestyle

First of all, she is gorgeous! And Canadian! Need I say more? Her tutorials are super easy to follow, with superb lighting and bright surroundings. Her content is almost always eco-friendly, which I love, and she dabbles in makeup tutorials, product reviews, what’s new and lifestyle videos. She is my vlogger of choice when it comes to choosing an eco-product to try. A must!

Click here for her YouTube channel:

Ashley from the Green Bunny

This girl is all sass and personality, all bottled up in a beautiful young girl. I love her narrative, her spontaneity and her choices, both clothing and beauty. If you want to be entertained, search no more; her vivacity is palpable through her videos. She is a big promoter of smaller eco-friendly brands, which is something I try my very best to promote as well. She could be my daughter and I just love her!

Click here for her YouTube channel:

Teri Miyahira

An exotic beauty, Teri is the queen of in-depth reviews and stunning makeup tutorials. I love her passion for green, clean beauty so much she has her own makeup and skincare line available through her monthly subscription box! But don’t worry, she reviews other brands as well, making her a super rounded eco-beauty vlogger.

Click here for her YouTube channel:

Ashley from MakeupTIA (That is All)

This redhead is sure to make you fall in love with beautiful stationery, perfectly staged rooms and cozy surroundings. Not only is she gorgeous, her videos are very well made, with a keen eye for detail and lovely narrative. Her videos range from makeup, hair, stationery, clothing, shoes, technology and everything in between. Make sure to watch her beautifully appointed Plan with Me! series where she walks you through a monthly planning session, full of color, stickers and post-it galore. Her content is not always eco-friendly, but it’s still worth your time.

Click here for her YouTube channel:

Laura’s Natural Life

Another great, very rounded natural vlogger is Laura’s Natural Life. Propelled by her own chronic disease journey, Laura makes videos that support and promote a natural, healthy lifestyle. She focuses on good, educational content, backed by her own experiences and even research. I watch her videos to learn and educate myself on the ingredients to avoid. She is lively, energetic and very well spoken and just another trusted vlogger of mine!

Click here for her YouTube channel:

There it is friends, my obsession shared; I hope you love them just as much as I do 🙂 Do you follow any YouTubers in particular? Please share in the comments below! I am eager to know which beauty vloggers you like so I can check them out myself 😉

Happy Spring!


The Minimal Sisters.

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