The 2016 Edit

Another year has flown by and 2016 was an exceptional year for me when it comes to discovering green beauty. I’ve learned two life changing lessons: 1) that a green lifestyle can be extremely alluring – this is no longer the lifestyle of the proclaimed tree hug-ers; it’s a life of glamour and true luxuries!, and 2) that being green is the new hip -Yes! Being green is definitely for the hipsters of today, challenging the conventionalisms of beauty with products that bring the best in us, true inner beauty on top!

So, today it’s only fitting I share with you my most favourite green beauty products of 2016, the ride or die products I cannot live without now… a little bit of everything, from skincare, to hair care and everything in between 🙂



The Wonder Seed Hemp Facial Cleanser

Soothing cleanser for all skin types! Helps with acne and rosacea, has a gentle scent and it’s non-drying whatsoever. I use it in the shower every morning to awaken my face and remove any extra makeup (ew, day old makeup). I have tried other The Wonder Seed products and they have all made #theminimalsisters approved list 😉


Biossance Precious Rose Face Oil

Damn, when I tell you this is pure luxury in a bottle I am not kidding. This incredible face oil contains Squalane, a plant based ingredient that prevents moisture loss and soluble Vitamin C, (50x more potent than ascorbic acid!) to help fight free radicals. I use it all over my face and neck in the morning and at night. My skin has NEVER looked this good, wow!


Annmarie Neroli Toning Mist

To be honest, what really got to me with this product was the scent; absolutely divine Neroli flower! It is a rich scent, almost nectar-like. The toning mist pairs great with face oils because the aloe vera helps balance and absorb products into the skin. It’s a great makeup primer too!


Acure Pore Minimizing Red Clay Mask

Did you think I was going to leave out this incredibly affordable #organic line? Nope. By far, my favorite Acure product of the year has been this red clay mask. It delivers what it promises: removes impurities and tones my skin. No BS, just results! P.S. be careful with your clothes, this will stain like a massacre just happened in your bathroom.


Body Care

Primally Pure Deodorant Lavender

One of the hardest things in my humble opinion is finding a good natural deodorant that stands the test of a full day at work and a class of cycling. Well, I am happy to have found my fave. Why I love it: it’s made with one of my favorite scents, Lavender and the formula is very dry, leaving my pits very happy. I do warn you, going “naturale” means having some staining on your pits. Oh well, it’s a small price to pay in my opinion!


Metta Skincare Body Butter

This is another luxurious product that made 2016 unforgettable. This body butter is silky, smooth and ultra moisturizing on the skin thanks to the cacao seed and shea butter. I apply it right after the shower, on slightly damp skin. It gives the most healthy glow for those k-pow ultra luscious legs!



Josh Rosebrook Lift Hair Volume and Texture

I honestly never thought I would find a natural, plant based hair volumizing product. Like, what? In my face! This product was a game changer for me. With my shorter locks, I needed something to LIFT and add volume to my mane. Well, this product, made of yucca starch and brown rice extract does the trick, plus more. It behaves like any other texturizing spray, helping my hair stay in place but with enough pliability to make it look #sexi!


Innersense Leave in Conditioner

Another no-brainier! This became a staple in my hair routine at first try. I have re-purchased this product multiple times, and recommended it to everyone I know. With a combination of Tamanu and Rosemary Oils, plus Organic Rice, Soy Proteins and Rooibos Tea, this magical cream leaves my hair soft, bouncy, shiny without weighing it down. It has restored my chemically damaged hair beautifully.


Makeup and Others

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigment Foundation

Foundation was by far one of the hardest habits to break. But this Juice Beauty Phyto Foundation made it so easy, as a summer breeze. Perfect for my sensitive rosacea prone skin, it looked better as the day progressed! It has a satin finish, with super emollient ingredients that make my skin feel and look young. Worth every penny!


Fitglow Beauty Mineral Blush in Joy

When I first saw this blush I was like “nah, not for me.” Then I used it… and it’s now in my makeup bag everywhere I go. Super rich pigment, a little goes a long way. It gives me the most beautiful matte rosy color, perfect for everyday use. I like to apply it with a duo fiber brush to make sure the application is minimal but buildable, if desired. I have decided to try their trio eyehadows next.


Au Naturale Lipstick in Ibiza

I live in Miami people, so this color is suitable for every month of the year! I just love the vibrancy and almost chromatic hue this lip color gives. This is also one of the cleanest lipstick formulas around, made with Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and other super nourishing ingredients, but without the glossy finish. Super Hot!


Root Pretty Flat Kabuki Brush

This brush was supposed to be paired with the Root Pearl Mineral Foundation, unfortunately not one of all the samples I ordered worked for my skin tone 😦 nonetheless, I found other uses for this product and now it’s the #1 brush I reach for when applying my base. Soft, sturdy, perfectly sized, made of white vegan bristles, I even use it to apply my concealer. The application is flawless, and I didn’t wake up like this! #thetoolsareeverything


OK folks, there it is. The 2016 edit of all the products I love and could not think of parting with. If you are starting your journey into green beauty, WELCOME. This is a wonderful ride, full of discoveries that may just change your life. Any life changing products you want to share? Comment below!

I will see you in the next one ~


The Minimal Sisters.

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