Well hello there, it’s been a minute or two since I’ve posted anything on the blog! It feels like coming back from a long vacation, re-energized and happy to write some incoherent words. Only I didn’t go on vacation, and I will try my best to make every sentence on this post make sense so you don’t have to report me to the inter-web blog polizia. LOL.

Okay, here today I bring you a super-duper quick first impression of two organic mascaras.

Full disclosure, I have been in love with the Mac Extended Play mascara for about 3 years and I knew when I started this green journey I would have to swap it for a more wholesome product. I was on the fence for months, not wanting to take the plunge to purchase any organic mascara because I was convinced they would not performed equally as good as my current one.

But after watching so many beauty bloggers talk about these two ones, I gave in and decided to purchase them about two weeks ago. Also, trying to get rid of nasty chemicals that go on my eyeballs and then into my blood and further into my organs and so on and on and on…

First, let me say something about the website where I purchase them, They have this feature where you can pay through Amazon, which is completely hassle free and right up my alley. I connected directly with my Amazon Prime account, and I don’t know if I can attribute this to the payment method, but the product shipped SO fast, I was amaze-balls when I found the cute little package 2 days later at my mail box. VERY IMPRESSED. Five stars to this retailer just for that.

Now on to the mascaras.

20160626 093

First up is the FitGlow Beauty Good Lash Mascara. This mascara is made out of Organic Rice Bran oil, Olive and Coconut oil. The brand claims the ingredients promote lash growth, which is a great thing for there is nothing better than long, bushy lashes to make you look younger and awake. The wand is a bristle brush, medium size, with a tapered end to coat bottom lashes. The bristles go around the wand in a spiral formation where the bristles are well separated from each other. It does have a smell, which I can’t quite explain, but it does fade away after drying. I would say this mascara is pretty wet; it may get on your eyelids if you are not so great at putting mascara on.

The good: I like that it has good pigmentation, it separates lashes, especially if used on the bottom and comes in very nice packaging with bright fuchsia and silver. No fallout at the end of the day and it removes very easily. Gluten, mercury and cruelty free.

The not so good: It is a wet mascara so application can be tricky (I need to remove most of the product off the wand), it has a smell, and the bristles are too separated for my taste.

This mascara retails for $25, which is comparable to what you pay for high end mascaras.

20160626 23520160626 23720160626 246


Second up is Lily Lolo Black Vegan Mascara. This mascara is also made with Rice Bran wax, and Sunflower Seed wax. It doesn’t say on the website if this is a mineral based mascara, but the company behind it does have a full range of mineral based cosmetics. This mascara is vegan, alcohol, lead and paraben free. It has a sweet smell, very pleasant. The wand is also a bristle brush, with the bristles much closer together making the brush compact. It has a creamy texture, more on the drier spectrum than wet. The wand is long, both the handle and the brush and the end is tapered as well.

The good: I love the pigmentation, it is actually darker than the FitGlow Good Lash Mascara. Because of the configuration of the bristles, the application makes the lashes look full and bushy; packaging is very sleek. I love the longer wand, very easy to maneuver. No fallout at the end of the day and it removed very easy as well.

The not so good: I wish the wand was narrower to get really into the base of my upper lash!

This mascara retails for $19.50, which is less than what you pay for high end mascaras but at least double of what you pay for drugstore mascaras.


20160626 23320160626 23420160626 245


I have been testing both products in the past two weeks to see which one is truly my favorite. They are both great alternatives to my less-than-ideal mainstream mascara, and I think the Lily Lolo gives me almost the same results but without the harm! I am very happy with the switch, and wishing I would have done it sooner.

Here’s to lash-lucious mesmerizing eyes!

Until the next one~


The Minimal Sisters.

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