When I am Feeling Down

Well, what can I say, I am a woman. And being a woman can sometimes be a drag. All these emotions, feelings, contradictions fighting to come out every day, trying to keep them down and under control can be difficult. Sometimes I just want to be a bitch. I imagine myself cursing someone out, like shamelessly Fiona from “Shameless.”


But that is not life now, is it? Well, not my life! I have to get up, dress up, show up, smile, work hard, move on, repeat. People have often told me I never look angry or sad even when I comment how gloomy I feel. I guess it’s because I also work hard at fighting the thoughts that make me feel the opposite of pretty, young, smart and fit. I have a set of rituals that help me get through days like these and I want to share them in the hopes they help you too:

  1. Flawless Face : on days when I feel down I almost always use a bright lipstick. Lipstick does wonders to my mental well being, it can make me feel younger, powerful, daring, sexy… it can make me feel like a woman.
  2. Enhance my Body: tricky right? but it’s quite simple. I force myself to wear a great outfit, one that makes me feel good about my body because it enhances something I love about it. I have one of two of those and I rotate them. It sounds superficial, but there is nothing better than passing a mirror or a reflective wall and seeing how good I look; I feel it helps combat the thoughts of inadequacy in my head.
  3. Have some Quiet Time: there is a beautiful quote by Albert Einstein that says “The woman who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in place no one has ever been before.” Some of my best ideas have come in that quiet time; whether it is meditating, taking a walk outside, writing in your journal, or simply sitting down in a quiet room. The power to listen to your thoughts can be very healing.
  4. Try to Move: I know this is probably the least favorite of all -for everyone- especially me. But taking 20-30 minutes to do a light (or energetic) workout, to jog, to walk outside is absolutely necessary. The endorphin produced by physical activity help me shape my feelings, they balance my energy. The before is always a struggle, but the after is always worthwhile.
  5. Stay away from Others: today is not the day to talk to my mom about my parenting style, it is not the day to talk to my husband about the mortgage, and it is not the day to discuss how I feel with my best friend. While everyone almost always mean well, I am not in the right mental state to absorb the good. I try to bring myself up on my own, without outside intervention. 
  6. Go to Bed Early: sleep is the most healing activity you can do, seriously. Sleep aids in repairing tissue, re-energizing cells, it fights illness, bacteria, etc. Sleep is truly God’s gift to our bodies. When I am down, my bed is my best friend… and honestly, crying in bed is like the perfectly paired wine: a crying fit with a side of fluffy pillows.

What are some of the things you do to get you out of a funk, a bad day, a bad week?!?

Share them with us and the community we have built! I truly believe the more we empower and support each other, the further we will go with our ideas and dreams. Knowledge is power, think about how your experiences can help someone else 😉

Thank you for being here!

Until the next one~


The Minimal Sisters.

2 thoughts on “When I am Feeling Down

  1. Hi lovely girls!. On a gloomy day I go out to help others. It reminds me there is so much to work for in this world. Volunteering in particular with more vulnerable children or adults reminds me we are in this world to connect and love.
    Helping others is a way also on amplifying my awareness that I’m not alone on these life struggles and many times it gives me strength and purpose.


    1. Hi Camila G,
      Such a powerful message, thanks for sharing it! I agree with you, our own struggles are minimized and put in perspective when we experience and help those around us. I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t be doing more of this when I am feeling down or whenever, really. Thank you again!


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