Hit The Waves, Not the Harmful Rays

Oh Summer, how welcome are ye?

I don’t think I am alone here when I state we are ready to hit the water, enjoy the sun and sleep under the lullaby of the ocean’s waves! Okay, Okay, maybe not the ocean, perhaps you like skiing in the lake, or water rafting on a river. Whatever your fun in the sun activity is, I bet you are happy to say goodbye to the lonesome winter and look forward to getting outside.

It’s no secret that I live in Miami, Florida, where the sun hits strong all year long, but mostly in summertime. To me, getting outside means going to the beach as much as I can. But I learned many years ago the importance of protecting my skin from the sun’s harmful rays (long gone are the years of sunbathing with baby oil…!!!). So I decided to share with you two staple products I have been using that are effective, safe and natural. But before that, let’s understand the different types of sunscreens out there.


The Difference Between Mineral and Chemical Sunscreens

Mineral or physical sunscreens are typically made with Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide. They are called physical sunscreens because they create a physical barrier that both reflects UV rays away from the skin and effectively block UVA1, UVA2 and UVB rays as well. Mineral sunscreens won’t degrade or lose potency, they are insoluble and are not absorbed by the skin like chemical sunscreens are. They create a white cast on the skin once applied. Look for those that read non-nano… what does this mean you ask? Well, non-nano refers to the size of the mineral particles of Zinc or Titanium Dioxide: the bigger the particles, the less harmful they are for you and your organs because they are not able to enter through your pores into your bloodstream. 

Mineral sunscreens include a range of ingredients. They interact with the skin’s top layer to absorb UV rays, convert them into energy and diffuse into the skin as heat. New chemical sunscreens deliver protection against UVB and UVA rays, however they have limits on how much UV radiation they can absorb before breaking down. Some of the chemicals are passed through the bloodstream, making them more harmful than their mineral counterparts.

Was this useful? Let’s jump right into my two recommendations for this summer!


Raw Elements Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

This is mineral UVA/UVB, non-nano Zinc Oxide sunscreen for the face. It acts as a moisturizer, packed with natural organic oils such as sunflower oil, hemp oil, rosemary oil and cocoa butter. It comes in two formats: tinted and non-tinted.

20160511 076

20160511 078

Why I love it: it goes on like a moisturizer, without clogging pores, no artificial smell. I have the tinted version; not only does it protect my skin, it provides coverage similar to a BB cream. I have used it in the water and it holds really well. I tend to get lots of freckles on my face when I go to the beach; this sunscreen protects me enough where I haven’t seen any freckles develop.

Where to buy it: I don’t know of any retailers that sell raw elements, your best bet is buying on their website: https://www.rawelementsusa.com/collections/frontpage/products/tinted-facial-moisturizer-30-spf

20160511 080


Dermae Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen SPF 30

This is another mineral sunscreen with non-nano Zinc Oxide for the body. It is fortified with antioxidants Vitamin C, E and Green Tea that provide an additional layer of UV protection. The product is formulated to help the skin recover after sun exposure. This product DOES leave a white cast on the skin.This is not a waterproof formula, however I have experienced that it performs pretty good in the water.

20160511 065

20160511 067

Why I love it: it is probably one of the best sunscreens I have used in years; it truly protects my skin against all sun’s damage, no redness, no sunburn… nothing. You can look a bit ghostly with it, so my tip is to moisturize your body really well before applying it (I suggest using oil moisturizers). You will need to rub and massage it into the skin good to reduce the white appearance. There is no smell, no irritation, and you don’t need to reapply often like other sunscreens.

20160511 068

Where to buy it: this is another plus – it is sold at Whole Foods. You can also purchase it online on their website: http://dermae.com/product/343/Antioxidant-Natural-Sunscreen-SPF-30-Body-Lotion.html

20160511 083
Side by side comparison: upper hand has the Raw Elements Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 and the lower hand has the Dermae Antioxidant Natural Sunscreen.

Do you know any of  these products? I would love to hear your experience with them and how they have performed for you. Maybe you are looking for specific types of sunscreens for your skin type? Ask away in the comments below! We would love to hear what you are looking for to help’ya out!!

Always use caution when exposed to the sun; while sunscreens are created to aid in the prevention of skin damage, you are still responsible for your overall exposure! Make sure you wear a hat, stay in the shade as much as possible, and reapply protection often, especially after getting wet.

Until the next one~


The Minimal Sisters

2 thoughts on “Hit The Waves, Not the Harmful Rays

  1. Hi, Thanks for the write up!!! Wanted to let you know, you can find Raw Elements in a few thousand shops across the U.S. – including Florida as we’re Miami-based too 😀 – such as health food stores like Whole Foods [N.Atlantic, S., S.W., N.Cal]; Mother’s Markets; Urban Outfitters [west coast]; boutiques, surf / paddle / watersports shops; yoga; natural beauty supplies… Our online shop always has $1.99 flat rate shipping tho makes it easy. Again, appreciate the mention and glad you’re liking our Tinted Facial Moisturizer! Mahalo, Raw Elements Team


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I love that we can find your products locally. Great information to share with everyone interested, like me and others reading this post!! Thanks again Raw Elements Team!


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