Meet The Sisters!

Aloha friends!

We bring you today a curated selection of the most impromptu photos ever shot…. At my sister’s backyard. Laugh out loud. We wanted this to be a professional photo session, but unfortunately neither of us planned well, so badly in fact that I (Joanne) was suppose to bring my “professional” camera and have my daughter take the photos for us. Well, that didn’t happen either, the part about the professional camera that is, so in the end we had a trusty iPhone 6 on hand, and an amateur photographer age 15 full of teenage angst take our photos. It was magical!

The photos were shot in my sister’s house. She lives in a beautiful lake house in Tampa, Florida. We decided to wear white tops, you know, to convey an image of pureness (hehehe, if you can believe that) and we each did our own hair and makeup (does it show?).

We hope you enjoy them and get to know our faces a little bit better. Oh, and our craziness too.

20160402 320
To the left is Joanne and to the right is Wendy. My sister pulled out the semi-amateur camera, that didn’t work because the battery died right after she brought it outside. The guy in the back is my hubby, probably saying hello to the alligator.
20160402 351
I am proud of this one, we look happy and quite cute 🙂

20160402 354


20160402 369
I had the brilliant idea to wear sunglasses… it would have been a better idea to wear the SAME type of glasses. Wendy is singing “figarooooo.”

20160402 376


20160402 420
Wendy suggested we got into some interesting posses and this is the best she could do, an awkward and painful looking pose 😉 Me, I decided laughing at her would be more interesting than posing.
20160402 457
Say “cheezzzzzzzzze.”

20160402 50720160402 496

20160402 541
Isn’t she beautiful?
20160402 530
Channeling my inner seductress…. 
20160402 545
Two peas in a pod!
20160402 409
This is our attempt at looking cool, unfortunately the sun was in my eyes and my sister apparently doesn’t know where to position her peace and love sign other than right in front of her face… oh well, we tried!

Now that you have seen our faces, we want to know from you! Tell us below a little bit about yourself, where are you from? And did you picture us like this? Please say you pictured us older and uglier 🙂 hehehe!
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The Minimal Sisters

4 thoughts on “Meet The Sisters!

  1. Lol funny pictures. I know Wendy from school but didn’t know what her sister looked like…and now I do. You guys reminded me of me and my sis trying to be cool! Good luck to you ladies…your sister is awesome, kind, smart, well you know the rest 🙂


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