Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks

If you haven’t heard of the multiple benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar…. then let me enlighten you! 

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV is a vinegar created from the fermentation of crushed apples. When selecting a good quality Apple Cider Vinegar, you must look for an organic version that contains the Mother Vinegar. The Mother Vinegar is a dark, cloudy substance found at the bottom of the vinegar; it’s presence tells us the nutrients of the apple are still preserved, making the liquid full of enzymes and minerals that other vinegars may not contain. I recommend the Bragg brand, sold at your local supermarket; this is an organic, non-GMO, gluten and arsenic free product. ACV is a versatile product that can be used in household, health and beauty regimes. Let’s talk about them one by one, shall we?


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ACV can be used as a wood polisher to replace the toxic petroleum based wood cleaners; just mix ¼ cup of ACV, 2 cups of water and 2 tbsp of olive oil, dampen cloth and use the mixture to polish away! You will work less since the vinegar will naturally remove dirt and grease from the wood.

Looking for a natural way to remove grease around your kitchen? Well look no further… mix a ratio of 1:1 ACV and water into a spray bottle and get to cleaning hunny! This option is safe for your children and pets as well. If you accidentally spray the mixture into a plate of food, no worries! it may taste vinegar-y, but there is no harm ingesting it.

For those of you into gardening, God bless you! That is one of many skills I will never possess. Nonetheless, if you are looking to kill some of those nasty weeds, just mix a ratio of 2:1 ACV and water into a spray bottle and spray them buggers.



Have stinky feet? Okay then, this here will be a quick and natural way to treat it: mix a ratio of 1:2 ACV and water in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto your Camembert smelling feet and viola! No more smell (after the scent of vinegar disappears of course! it takes a couple of seconds only).

If you are coming down with a cold and have a scratchy throat, mix a ratio of 1:1 ACV and warm water, do gargles for 3-5 minutes. Most germs cannot survive the acidic environment of the vinegar, making this a fast acting natural sore throat cure. You don’t have to worry about swallowing it either; while it may taste really strong, it has a lot of gastric benefits that your tummy will benefit from.

Talking about your digestive system, ACV has been known to aid with indigestion. How to: before dining, drink a mix of 1 tsp of ACV, 1 tsp of organic honey and a glass of water. Your stomach is ready for those curry spicy lentils and rice!



One of the number one uses of ACV in beauty is as a facial toner. It’s antibacterial properties  helps keep acne under control, and the malic and lactic acids soften skin, improving your skin’s Ph and radiance. For a super easy face toner, mix a ratio of 1:1 ACV and cooled chamomile tea in a spray bottle. You can also use lavender tea. Spray onto your face and wipe away with a cotton pad. Fresh and clean!

Suffer from a snowy scalp? ACV fights dandruff! Just mix ¼ cup of ACV with ¼ cup of water in a spray bottle. Use it to spray your scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes, twice a week. The results will amaze you, no more mount Rainier on your lovely mane.

ACV can be used to treat bruises and bumps due to injuries. Just dab ACV onto a cotton pad or cloth and place on the affected area. It may sting at first; if you find it uncomfortable, you can dilute the vinegar in water until you become accustomed. It has been known to heal severe bruising in no time!

So there you have it friends, a couple of ACV life hacks to make your life easier, in a natural and safe way.

I would love to hear from you if you try any of the little recipes above. Do you have other uses for ACV? Share them down below!

Until the next one~


2 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar Hacks

  1. Buenísimo post y súper utilísimo . Aquí comparto algo más del vinagre.
    Hair growth fórmula:
    50 droga rosemary essential oil
    1/2 cup aloe Vera gel
    1 tbps apple cider vinegar
    1 tbps jojoba oil.

    Ojala la prueben y tambien comenten resultados 😄


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