Challenging the green!

Are organic beauty products better? To some of you the answer is like duh! of course…Many of the owners of these natural or organic lines have suffered skin issues themselves that have driven them to create natural lines of beauty products. Some other owners may have had kids or family members who had reactions to body products or have had eczema and therefore their search for natural or organic products. For many of you there haven’t really been any life changing issues with your own skin or your kids’ skin by using the usual commercial products, so there is not really a reason to search for any natural or organic beauty products. For some of you out there, you are more in touch with the earth and believe that natural and organic products are the absolute way to go. But, is there really an actual answer? Is organic better?

As many of you know, we have subscribed to The Organic Bunny Box which was created by The Organic Bunny. She started her journey for a greener and glamorous lifestyle in January of 2015. Thanks to her we now have the luxury to be able to try some of the natural and organic products out there. I decided that I was going to leave my January Organic Bunny box unopened and see how a small group of friends (fellow moms) felt about opening the box and seeing all the beauty products. Surprisingly I did not feel the excitement in the air when we opened the box and started talking about the products. Afterwards, it dawned on me that it is really a culminating moment to want to follow this greener lifestyle. The greener lifestyle is actually a series of events, blog posts, talks with friends, maybe even classes or online learning  that have happened over a period of years or months that finally clicks in your mind to do the CHANGE to a greener organic lifestyle. To some of us the change may have been gradual, start with only one product (because your mother-in-law insisted that you must try this natural deodorant). To some the change might had been very sudden because your son is suffering so badly from eczema and allergies that you had to do a quick and absolute change. Even then, slowly you are moving to a greener all the way around lifestyle. The more you buy natural or organic products you will start getting bits of information here and there about these products, maybe in the back of the box of the product or an email from related companies. You may even start listening to different stories about how so and so’s skin improved by using this and that.


So I ask my friends if they had ever heard of any of the products from the January Organic Bunny box which were:

Buckaroo Organics, soapberry suds

Juicy bamboo, natural facial cleansing cloths

Zoe organics cream

Dr. Brite, teeth whitening pen green apple

Acure, brightening facial scrub

Vapor organic beauty Mesmerize eyeliner

Gomacro macrobar Sunflower butter and chocolate


I also showed them the products from the The Organic Bunny December box which were:

The wonder seed, nurturing hemp hand cream

Bare Bones Deodorant

Tastyface Organics vanilla mint daily moisturizer

Fitglow Love lipstick

Au Naturale highlighter and bronzer

Malaya Organic decadent bath salts

No one have ever heard of any of the products (truthfully neither have I). None of the friends that were at my house that day use organic or natural beauty products. I asked if they would buy organic or natural products and one of them said that she is not even sure that these organic products are really organic. Another friend said that if she could find beauty and hair products that could work like the products she is using now then she would give them a try; like facial creams that prevent wrinkles (she does have a beautiful skin tone) or hair products that maintain her hair straight. Another concern was that it felt overwhelming for them to be looking at the labels and trying to figure out if something is really organic or natural. My last question to them was, would money be an issue buying these more natural or organic products? Surprisingly the answer was -if it works we would not have a problem with the price (which it seems to always be at higher price tag)

So three main concerns:

  1. Do the products that claim to be organic are really organic?
  2. Can natural and/or organic beauty products perform to the standards of synthetic commercial beauty products.
  3. Is there an easier way to read/understand these very overwhelming ingredient lists

These are all very valid concerns and for sure were on my mind and are still on my mind as I explore this world of greener beauty products. But this is my point of view, I want a greener lifestyle and I am giving it the best possible try I can. I am allowing myself to be open to try food, beauty products, exercise routines, books and so on that nourish me and my family. Because what I do now is what probably my kids at one point in their lives will try to replicate. We have such busy lives that I try to be happy even if I just get or do a little. In other words, if the beauty products are a little greener, organic, natural (whatever you want to call it) then is better than the completely synthetic products. Eventually I will be able to understand all the ingredients and the why’s and what’s. Meanwhile I am exploring.  After all,  life is about the journey, right!

Con amor,


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