The Monthly Box Part “deux”

We come to you with our first collab post!

If you have been with us from the beginning (or even maybe somewhere in the middle), you know my sister and I have been sharing this blog space for the past 4 months, bringing you our rantings one at a time, sometimes me (Joanne) and others my sissy Wendy; can you believe it has been that long already? Where does time go? Definitely to my wrinkles and my butt. But in all seriousness, we are coming together in a collaborative effort to provide our impressions (with some actual reviews) on the December Organic Bunny Beauty Box. Yay 🙂

This is the second time I’ve received the box, hence the title of the post! But it was a first for my sister Wendy (I sorta convinced her to join in so we could try the products together). We haven’t really done this before, collaborate on a post, so bear with us if the content is a bit clunky, we will figure it out as we go! On a funny note, I typically think about the titles of my posts long before I start writing them and I set my eyes on the one you see here only because I thought it was appropriate given there was a previous post named The Monthly Box (clickable link if you want to hop over  there and read about it) – anyhow-  I asked the Oracle, Google of course, what Part “deux” meant just because I wanted to confirm it would be understood as part 2 or number two etc. Well, the search results lead me to Yahoo answers were an overly zealous user explained the reference was totally incorrect, in her words: ‘“Part deux” doesn’t mean anything. It should be “partie deux” or “deuxième partie”.’ I thought it was so funny since clearly someone asking this sort of question in Yahoo Answers was not looking for an academical response. I surely wasn’t. Let’s move on.

Joanne: This box is always a treat to receive in the mail, and I was really bummed it took sooooo long to get to me. I think it arrived on Dec 22nd. I was hoping to have the products earlier to see which ones I would take on my trip to Lake Tahoe. I was able tough, to take two of the cosmetic ones, which I will provide details below. After I came back, I was on a mission to try the rest of the products. I have done a good job because I think there is only 2 items I have not had the opportunity to try and I will explain why.

Wendy: It is certainly a beautiful box, it almost felt like I was opening a treasure box! I do believe I felt a very big grin on my face when I was opening it; the funny thing is that  I don’t consider myself a girly girl who gets excited about make up.  On the contrary, I feel is a chore.  The truth is that it is more than just make-up or beauty products.  It is about families and/or individuals coming together to  create earth friendly, cruelty free, chemical free, organic and even charitable products.   It is also about supporting U.S. and small businesses when applicable.

Where to begin? I guess at random… I do suggest you get yourself a cup of joe or tea ‘cos this post is long!


Bare Bones Deodorant

Joanne: I don’t know if you share the same afflictions as me, but I have been on the hunt for a natural deodorant for ages. Lately, I’ve been using the La Vanilla brand, which I actually like. So when I saw a natural deodorant in this box, I was really excited to try it. This is like nothing I have tried in the past, the consistency is very liquid (once applied), so if you are not into that sensation of wetness, you may not like this product. I would say after application, it takes a good half hour to dry. It does have some great ingredients to combat the stink, such as lemon essential oil, tea tree oil, baking soda and arrowroot powder to keep you dry. The scent is mild and pleasant. I have used it to go to work, and before a workout and it has hold up really well. However, at least for me, I do need to reapply it before the day is over. I do like how moisturized my armpits feel, if that is a thing!

Click here to check out the product.

Wendy: I have to say that, like my sister, I have also been in the hunt for a natural deodorant that most importantly makes me smell good even after an intense work-out. What I have noticed is that I may not smell bad but eventually my clothes start to smell funny (I don’t know if that is the fault of the detergent or deodorant…)

The first thing I did was to read the ingredients of the deodorant.  I did notice that it has baking soda and baking soda can be irritating to the axilla. I tried some time ago Primal Pit Paste deodorant and it gave me “angry pits” (red axillas), especially after applying it after shaving. They explain that it is a reaction of your body acclimating to the alkaline pH of the baking soda and that within a week or so your body adjusts.  At that time I did not see this info on their website and I stopped it. Primal Pit Paste has baking soda as their first ingredient and Bare Bones Deodorant has baking soda closer to the end of the list of ingredients. I have only used it once and so far it was really good It was a little wet feeling like my sister said,  but very soft.  It has no toxins; some elements are made from scratch, organic or local ingredients; it is vegan, not tested on animals and their website says that if your are sensitive to baking soda,  they have a sensitive skin deodorant  version.

20160110 003


Tasty Face Vanilla Mint Daily Moisturizer

Joanne: This one has been a total hit for me! For one, it smells divine; pure vanilla bean and mint. For two, it’s a rich oil base moisturizer that contains coconut, sweet almond and jojoba oil. You need a small amount to cover your face, neck, decolletage and possibly your hands. It expands quite nicely, feels rich and locks in moisture like no other. I have been on a craze for oil-based moisturizers because I have realized that having combination skin doesn’t mean I can’t use quality face oils. In fact, they counteract the production of oil, making my skin balanced. An overall win.

Click here to check out the product.

Wendy:  Jajaja, I feel I am the critical and negative one in here. The cream does smell good, a little too good,  like chocolate vanilla mint cookies.  I can see  my daughter sinking her little finger and trying to eat it. The thing that surprise me and bothers me is the presence of peppermint essential oil on a face product.  Although it is considered an invigorating essential oil,  it can be very strong and irritating to the skin. I did use a little and it feels very nice on the skin. The label does say to start with a small amount. Their website says that this line of products has zero chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, dairy, gluten and soy. The products are made by hand.   They claim that you can actually eat their products (but remember if your kids ingest them by accident it still has essential oils that may not be appropriate for kids or pregnant women). Shell life is 6-12 months and the products are not tested on animals.


Ground and Hounds Coffee

20160109 174

Joanne: I love the fact that this box always includes a household product to try; this time is no exception with the Ground and Hounds coffee sample. The pouch should be enough for a pot of coffee. 100% organic, fair trade certified, this coffee company donates 20% of all proceeds to no-kill dog rescue organizations. How amazing is that? So if you are an animal lover and advocate, you can surely feel darn good about drinking this coffee knowing your dollars are put to work with our furry friends. I am currently infatuated with Bulletproof coffee, but I will surely be trying this coffee sample soon!

Wendy: The first thing I thought about this product is that my husband was going to love it, not only because is coffee but also because 20% of all proceeds are donated to support the no-kill rescue organizations near you, in your state!. Before our kids, my husband had 3 different rescue dogs and he and his family love, love, love dogs! I walk on the line of shame, because I do not like coffee.  Some may doubt that I am hispanic because I don’t drink ‘cafe con leche’…The product is fair trade and organic certified. Downside is that they don’t come in K-cups.  The coffee beans are collected from different parts of the world; check out the very handsome founder on a video online here and his adorable dalmatian dog!

Malaya Organic Decadent Bath Salts

20160109 181

Joanne: As the name suggests, this is a pot of bath salts for the girl that loves a good soak! It has a nice combination of salts, such as Himalayan Pink, Pacific, Mediterranean and Epson combined with essential oils like Lavender and Vanilla. This is an interesting product for me to try since I don’t like baths (I am more of a shower type girl) so I will need to get creative on how to use it, maybe soak my  feet before a pedi?!? Or I can always dump it inside my kitchen salt cracker to spice up my Fettuccine! LOL – I wouldn’t do that. Suggestions?

Click here to check out the product.

Wendy: It is hard for a mom of two little ones to just have time to shower, let alone to have time to soak in bath salts! The bath salts do smell very nice, mainly like lavender. They have very coarse grains, so not sure if they will take a while to dissolve. I don’t think it would matter that much. The product is made with all certified organic ingredients, hand mined Himalayan Pink salt. I come to find out that Himalayan Pink salt is one of the purest salts available and  is still extracted from mines by hand, according to long-standing tradition, and without the use of any mechanical devices or explosion techniques. After being hand-selected, the salt is then hand-crushed, hand-washed, and dried in the sun.


The Wonder Seed Nurturing Hemp Hand Cream

20160109 175

Joanne: Man, that’s a mouthful! This is the perfect travel or handbag cream. I fell in love with the smell which I honestly cannot describe, perhaps the Chamomile and Grape Seed oils? The cream absorbs quickly and leaves a silky barrier on the skin, soft to the touch. There are so many benefits from Hemp seed I would need to do a separate post just on it alone. This is another product I am truly enjoying.

Click here to check out the product.

Wendy: This is by far my favorite product! It does have a very peculiar smell that is very pleasant. My husband and I are in the medical field and boy dry hands are an issue in my house. But forget the medical field, if you just have little kids then you wash your hands like…one trip to the grocery store with two little one may mean washing your hands 6 times, because your two kids want to go to the bathroom on different occasions and as one goes the other one decides to touch all the things that you don’t want them to touch and then you wash two pair of hands plus yours in one trip and remember then goes the second trip. Between my husband and I, we have tried a fair share of hand creams, hospital grade and commercial. This cream is very nice. It moisturizes but is not too oily, leaves your hands very soft and it seems to last. The subtle smell is always friendly with people around you that cannot stand the bath and body works type of lotion smell. You know what I mean…the nauseating type. This product is 100% vegan and gluten free, no parabens or artificial fragrances, no animal testing. They are not certified organic but their website states that their hemp crops are organic and are grown without pesticides or herbicides. Hemp apparently is native to China, so their crops are in China.


Fitglow Beauty Lipstick

Joanne: I am the type of gal that loves a bold lippie like no other, so this little gem was just the perfect Christmas present. The minute I saw it, I knew it would be coming with me on my trip. The color is LOVE and it’s a beautiful cherry red. It goes on so smooth and opaque, I would say it has the qualities of a stain. The packaging is sleek and luxurious, it smells of Vanilla too! Lots of Vanilla scented items on this box 😉 I’ve worn it a couple of times, including Christmas day. Go to our Instagram feed to check how it looks on me and be the judge!

Click here to check out the product.

Wendy: This is the very first product I tried. It’s like a Marilyn Monroe fantasy, to be able to think that you may reproduce a tiny bit of her sensuality!  I have to say that I am far from looking anything like her and even though this lipstick color is absolutely gorgeous the color did not look good on me. My kids thought that I look funny…far from the sensuous feeling that I was looking for. This particular lipstick on the website has Amanda Jo (The Organic Bunny) as their profile persona for this particular lip color  LOVE, which looks absolutely beautiful on her. The  product  is 95% certified organic, gluten free, vegetarian friendly, toxin free, cruelty free, paraben free, no dyes or synthetic fragrances. Their logo promise that their products go the distance with you wherever life takes you whether you have a long day at work or you are hiking mountains or even crying, Fitglow will last!


Au Naturale Golden Henna Bronzer and Cream Highlighter

Joanne: If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will quickly learn I am a sucker for cosmetics. So naturally, I gravitated to these products like honey to a bee. My first impression of the cream highlighter was that it would be too light and not shimmery enough for my liking. Boy, was I wrong. I love to be wrong when it comes to natural, organic makeup! Don’t you? It is such a pleasant surprise when it meets or exceeds your expectations. This cream highlighter has a subdued glow, perfect for everyday. If you pair it with the bronzer, you are bound to be seen in space! What a beautifully crafted pair. A tip: I use the cream highlighter on my lips as well, almost as a base for my lipstick. It enhances my lips, makes them look plumper and when paired with a nude color I look like a goddess. Who wouldn’t want that. Please.

Click here to check out both products.

Wendy: I have to say that these two products caught my eye right away. The colors look beautiful but one is like a cream base that had the brand name on top of the product but it does not say the color of it per-se. It only says organic creme highlighter. The other is a golden henna bronzer powder that does not have the brand name on the product nor any information on it. She did include a flyer within the box with ingredient list and brand name but it has no directions. For someone like me who is not very savvy at make-up products, I felt a little lost. I went to their website and couldn’t find the specific product colors. There were no videos on how to use them. So I am not sure where I should use them, my cheeks, my eyebrows. Anyway, I tried the bronzer powder on my cheeks and it was beautiful!!  Their products are completely vegan and cruelty free, non-nano (click here for info about non-nano), non-toxic, paraben free, gluten free, handcrafted, some ingredients are organic, made in the USA. Ten percent of Au Naturale sales help fund Zambia Open Community Schools for children who can’t afford going to school.

So this is it guys, a full blown first impressions with some extra reviews on the December Organic Bunny Box. I truly recommend trying out the subscription to see if this is your “thang.” I have been impressed, twice, with the quality of the products and would recommend them. Happy Green Beauty hunting my peeps!

Until the next one y con amor~

Joanne and Wendy

The Minimal Sisters

These opinions are our own and they are not sponsored in anyway. All products have been purchased by us. We are not beauty professionals either; we just have a love for natural, green beauty and want to share our experiences with you. If you try any of these products, you will do so at your own risk.

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