The Monthly Box

There is something so fantastic about getting a box in the mail… it truly brings a smile to my face, especially when it’s a box full of organic goodies I have carefully and patiently waited for 😉

Let me talk a little bit about my journey into an organic lifestyle, because I am sure we all struggle with the same challenges. I think we can all agree the road to natural organic living is a tough one, starting with the cost which can be substantially higher than that of a non-organic, natural life. It can be difficult to find reasonably priced organic or natural products. On the other hand, the road to nature is mentally challenging due to our preconceived notions of what a “good”, “performing” product is. For example, I would be remiss to say that I have walk through the gates of organic makeup because I am still looking for an equivalent of my ride or die products i.e. will I ever find a dupe for my Kat Von D liner? The jury is still out. I digress. And last but not least, one of the most upsetting things to me is the fact that there is still so much product not readily available in my local stores, pharmacies, supermarkets and malls. Let’s face it, the reason why I may go to a Mac counter more often than a Jane Iredale one is because I have 5 within a 10 mile radius! I mean, the availability of products and the continuous marketing of the same is one of the reasons why I fail. Miserably.

But don’t get me wrong: there is hope, as long as you stay committed and do your research. Hopefully, and with the colossal shift I see out there, organic natural products will become household names soon.

A couple of weeks back I stumbled onto Organic Bunny’s Instagram feed and instantly fell very much attracted to her journey of organic lifestyle. Her delightfully appointed photos and adorable puppy surely got me interested. Her Sunday Swaps series, where she provides a natural option for an everyday product, is absolutely great. It helps too that she has the gnarliest connections and offers substantial $$ savings with her discount codes. I mean, and overall great gal if you ask me! I was delighted to find out she was starting a monthly subscription box where she would showcase her favorite organic or natural products, both for body and home. Well, I jumped onto that bandwagon like white on rice, first of all because who doesn’t love getting a box mailed every month (it’s like having 12 birthdays, YAY!) and secondly because it is so convenient to have someone suggest what you may like, try it, judge it and then if you are interested, make it a staple of your everyday life. I mean, just brilliant.

November’s selection came in this gorgeous pink box with drawn on Peonies. There were 7 products to try, all carefully placed (or wrapped) on top of bed of squiggly pink paper worms. Presentation to me is KEY, and this one nailed it.

11082015 053

The first item on the box was the My Konjac Sponge. The packaging says this is a pink clay sponge that can be used for dry or dehydrated skin. It feels like one of those unused foot sponges that you soak and becomes soft. It says it is safe for your face, so that is where I will be testing it soon. I see myself using this to remove buildup and to exfoliate dry skin on my face. I love that it is vegan, cruelty and chemical free. Don’t know yet if it has any particular smell. Will report soon on that.

11082015 054

The next item that caught my eye is the Mahalo Vacation Glow. Okay, this shizs is AMAZEBALLS, it is a glowing oil that you can use all over your body and hair. I opened it immediately and put it on my arms and hair. It has the most delicious and sexy smell ever and I love sexy smelling hair! I went to the website to read what it has: Kukui Oil, Geranium, Hawaiian Jasmine and Frankincense. What a treat to your senses, truly. These Mahalo products are on the pricey side, so I was most delighted to have a nice bottle size that probably contains around 1oz of the oil. Pfffff… I am loving this box so far, and there is still more to see.

11082015 055

There was a full size bottle of Puracy Natural Hand Soap, which is a all natural plant based hand soap. I read on their website that the “original hand-drawn artwork on this bottle helps support local artists” which to me is a plus when businesses  support local ingenuity and artistic expression. It came individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag which I thought was so clever to protect all other products in the box should there be a soapy mess. Good thinking Bunny!! I have never heard of this brand, but I am excited to test if it removes grime, grease and all other nasties from my hands. It does state that it is a natural and plant based product. The bottle comes with a pump as well (not shown below).

11082015 061

The white little bottle was Emmaus Smiling Beads body wash. I opened the bottle and saw tiny little black beads in the mix, which looked like little ants. But then I found out these are Jojoba beads and the wash is great for body acne or for those suffering from Keratosis Pelaris. I have had chicken skin on my upper arms since I was a teenager. Honestly, I have never been diagnosed as having KP, but I wonder if this product could help with the irritation? I am real excited to try this product on my arms, back and legs, which is where I get some acne from time to time.

11082015 056

What beauty box would not be complete without a perfume? The one in this box’s selection was Hope by Good Medicine Beauty Lab. It is a small bottle, perfect to carry in your bag. It’s supposed to bring truth, inner calm and encouragement.  This is an artisan blend, which is such a plus! You can see the liquid is not 100% clear, and that shows that the product is distilled differently than conventional perfumes. I’m not particularly crazy about the scent, maybe because it has grapefruit undertones, but I will give it a try.

11082015 059

I noticed the next product that I believe will get plenty of use in my household. It is the Branch to Nature Thyme Blemish roll-on. For those of you moms with onset adult blemishes, this is a God-send. Also, for those moms or dads with teenage kids, this is a God-send for them too. I know my kiddo will use this on a weekly basis, thanks to nature, hormones and the wondrous perks of growing up. And she will be the best subject to try the efficacy of this product on. Score.

11082015 060

The last item was a lipstick by Lauren Brooke. The color is Peluche (for those Spanish speaking folk out there, Peluche in English is teddy bear, cute -huh?). I would describe the color as a mauve pink, suitable for fall. I didn’t know anything about this brand until today and again, as I mentioned above, I am very skeptical about organic natural makeup. But my first impression was very promising: I swatched the color on my hand and it glide on smoothly, opaque and creamy. This is a color that will look great on my fair skin. I will be testing it and posting pics on The Minimal Sisters Instagram, so make sure you follow us there as well!

11082015 071

Overall, I was so impressed with the products, the packaging and the attention to detail on this Organic Bunny Box. It was a well grounded box, with beauty and personal care products for me and my family. I love that my kid will benefit from one or two of them, which makes the box more versatile as it can be shared with those around me. I can’t wait for the December one!

11082015 066

I truly love sharing these finds with you. Are you a fan of monthly subscription boxes? Let me know in the comments below! I am curious to know what products you discover in your path to minimal beauty.

See you in the next one~


The Minimal Sisters.

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