I challenge you

If you have ever tuned in to XM channel 128 you may recognize these words: I am strong, I am healthy , I am getting younger, I am the son of the most high creator…

I listen to Joel Osteen everyday, several times during the day. And today, as he was saying that “we have to declare positive thoughts onto ourselves” it may me wonder why do we have to be reminded that we have to be gentle with ourselves, loving to ourselves. Why do we choose to say “I am so fat”, “I am so tired”, “I am not as smart”, “I am not capable.”

My sister and I were talking over the phone the other day and I told her that I was surprise to see how many people are now living on the road on air streams and RVs, living off the earth, in a technology free environment. I believe that a lot of people, including my sister and myself, are looking to go back to point zero/to basics. Meaning, to forget the over processed foods and eat our vegetables from our garden; to experience the natural oceans, lakes, rivers, without food stands, clubs and fancy hotels next to them. So we can actually hear the birds and the river flowing. So that our kids would actually enjoy playing with sand and rocks (like we used to do) instead of our cell phones or overly trendy barbie dolls.

Joel Osteen said once that we should love our body so much that we should feed it the right healthy type of foods. He went on saying something to this sort, “we would not feed our dog garbage why would we feed ourselves garbage”. And I think the same way about all the other products we use; we should try, from the best of our abilities, to use products that nourish, in a positive way, our body. I also think that beauty comes from an inner peace, inner self confidence. Maybe it does not come with the perfect skin like Cindy Crawford (I think it’s a little weird that she has not aged in years…) or the plump red lips like Marilyn Monroe… but our peace and confidence make our beauty and the beauty products compliments it.

It amazes me how I crave for the positive thoughts and encouragement of Joel Osteen; and once again, why do we have to be reminded that we are in deed perfect just the way we are. Maybe is social media, maybe is the lifestyle we have, maybe the way we were raised, maybe is our friends, maybe is our family, maybe our spouse, maybe our jobs, maybe our religion that determine our negative self imagine.

He says, “you determine your future by the thoughts you have, what you speak about yourself”…So I declare that today I am stronger, I am healthier, I am confident, I am beautiful, I am wise, I am the best mother. I challenge you to declare positive thoughts onto yourself starting today, because even if you don’t believe it 100% today you will believe it tomorrow.

Con amor,



3 thoughts on “I challenge you

  1. I recently starting listen to Osteen on Audibles after a going through (and getting through) a really dark phase. His messages are important, especially this one about how we speak to ourselves and the power of our thoughts and our words.

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    1. You are absolutely right, his message is quite powerful!! I am sorry you are going through a dark phase; I certainly have been through dark phases myself. Joel Osteen came out with his new book The Power of I am, I prefer his audiobooks I don’t think his new book is in audio yet. He does have a series audiobooks call Reset that looks very nice! I really hope this phase gets better for you; if you don’t mind, I will say a little prayer for you.

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      1. Thank you! That is the audiobook that I have been listening to (relying on!). I have started listening to the book for a second time because his message is just so important and applicable for me right now. ❤


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