Morrocco Method INT’L

One year ago I got into this crazed desire to try and change my hair products to more natural ones. My hair is thin and soft. with no volume.  If I let it go without 1 day washing it, it becomes so greasy that I could fry an egg on it.  I read that it is because of the harsh ingredients in the hair products that strip away the natural oils of the hair and as a reaction the hair overproduces oil. I did not want to do the “no-poo method” (No shampoo method ( I know…gross short name!) because it usually entails making your own hair products, and I already felt I was doing a lot of my own stuff: my own almond milk, my own salad dressing, my own bread, my own ice cream, my daughter’s diaper rash cream, washing all these cloth diapers (knowing that I could be using disposal ones).   So I came across the hair products Morrocco Method Int’l. I read in a few blogs that these shampoos would be a good alternative to the no-poo method. Morrocco method int’l are all raw vegan and paleo products; sulfate free and gluten-free.

I started off with a sample package call MM Healthy hair starter package,  which had 5 different shampoos, 6 different conditioners, styling gel, mists, zen detox powder and scalp massager. It instructs you to rotate through all 5 shampoos (1 each day you wash your hair), and to wash your hair twice with the shampoo, diluting a small amount of shampoo in water. The shampoo makes no foam when you lather it, so it is a little hard to tell if you have enough to wash your whole hair. All the shampoos have a brown color and soft consistency.   The smell is subtle.


image image image

I spent 5-6 months using these shampoos and my hair never looked shiny and healthy. I would have “good days” and very bad hair days. My hair was stiff and greasy as soon as I was done washing it or greasy by the middle of the day. I was embarrassed to have my hair down because it wasn’t soft and silky.

The 3 pictures below are the bad days, no volume and the hair had no movement.

image image


These 2 pictures are actually my good hair days but by the middle of the day becomes greasy.


I used the shampoos, the conditioners, the boar bristle brush and the scalp massager. They recommend that you brush your hair three times a day in a specific way. You can check out the video here . Also, massage your scalp 3 times a day, here is the video. If I were to massage my scalp like that guy instructs in the video, I would end up with no hair…he goes un poquito loco!



The website claims that it takes time for your hair to detox, up to 3-4 months.  You can speed up the process using the powder Zen Detox (I did not used it).

I stuck with these hair products for 5-6 months because I was determined to “detox” my hair, but Dios mio! I was fed up with it and stopped it.

Bottom line:

I really like the concept and the idea to wash my hair with raw vegan ingredients that supposedly nourishes your hair. The products are expensive, $30 per regular size bottle. You ultimately may end up using more because you don’t feel the foam covering your hair, so it feels that you need to keep putting more.

I did not use the zen detox and maybe that would have made the difference. I did not used it for two reasons, it came in my sample package in a ziplock bag with no instructions. In other words, for  such an expensive product there should be a nice presentation and instructions. It almost felt I was getting dirt in a bag. There are videos on how to use the Zen Detox on-line.



I checked out their website for “support” and I noticed that people had asked questions months ago with no answers. It was not very encouraging. Their website recently looks updated.  Perhaps they have improved their “support” system.

Would I recommend them? Yes, but with hesitation. I know, you are probably thinking why would I recommend it if I just wrote all these negative things. First, I think we should support companies who are trying to do the right thing and use natural ingredients. I really like  the volume that my hair had on my “good hair days”.  I have never had that volume before without putting a whole bunch of chemicals in my hair.  I also like their leave in conditioner.   It leaves the hair soft. I would say, you can try it and maybe it works better for your hair! I always wonder if “I did it the right way”.  I couldn’t massage my scalp and spend 5 minutes 3 times a day brushing my hair while my daughter was fighting me to get the brush out of my hand and my son was “mami, mami, mami, mami, mami, mami….”(you get the picture!)  Maybe you’ll have better luck than I had!!

Con amor,


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