A Market Full of Fleas

Miami has always been known for it’s multi-diverse ambiance, full of life breathtaking beaches. But there is a new vibe coming around; a city that emerges with local artists and vibrant new shops with innovative products that are marking the landscape forever.
A promoter of local ingenuity and craftsmanship, I am always on the hunt for beautiful things. Last weekend, the Arts and Entertainment District hosted a Flea Market in Wynwood, an eclectic artsy area near downtown Miami. Not wanting to hear it from someone else’s mouth, I headed to the event really excited to discover the little gems my city has to offer. Well, I can say it was not disappointing: nestled in the middle of colored plastered walls was a market full of fleas, old and new. A place where makers and creators came and shared their craft. And oh boy, were they crafty.

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Needless to say, I indulged on a couple of locally made products. And I wanted to share them with you.

One of the first stalls to catch my attention was Island Girl Co. Two lovely ladies were showcasing products for the skin, such as scrubs, soaps and other lovelies. I was offered to try one of their scrubs, which I gladly did. I tried the Cafe Luxe Scrub, which to me was like being in heaven: the aroma of coffee mixed with coconut oil was just what I needed that Sunday afternoon. Coffee is meant to invigorate circulation and act as antioxidant.The product came beautifully wrapped in a cloth bag with the company’s logo. I see myself using it on my feet, hands, and any coarse surface such as my elbows and knees. 
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The next stall seemed to be run by a family of women, all with beautiful skin! Beatnik Naturals attracted me at first glance because they had a honey face wash and at second glance because they carried a pumpkin clay mask.

I think we all know the wonders of honey, it can be used as a soothing agent (for sensitive skin) and is a natural anti-bacterial remedy (for acne prone skin). The face wash also contains avocado for smooth, silky skin, among other ingredients and it is meant to emulsify on contact with water. Can’t wait to try it!
The pumpkin clay mask is described as a collagen boosting, impurity remover, skin re-generator mask. I was advised by one of the ladies in the shop to combine it with vinegar, milk or yogurt for my combination skin. 
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I’ve saved the best for last. This was, by far, the most interesting purchase experience I’ve ever had in my life. Towards the end of the market, at the exit, was the beautifully appointed Return To The Roots stall. Manned by a gorgeous, earth, wind and fire lady, I headed over there, mostly attracted by the hippie display. I was quickly drawn to the facial steams because I have been interested in trying them on my clogged pore skin. Let me just say that out of all the products being sold at the market, these were impeccably packaged and sealed. That gave me a good feeling about the quality and freshness of the products being used. Mama Fern, as her Instagram handle name suggests (yes, I checked her out already because I was so intrigued!), helped me make my final selection of the day, with most sweetness and peace. Her buying approach is very different from others in that she asked me to make an offer of the product. It was funny for me, because I felt like I was robbing her of something she ought to receive. But she was calm and re-assured me of the process, through which I ended purchasing the facial steamer at a price we agreed was fair. This wonderful medley of flowers and leaves contains: arnica blossoms, calendula petals, chamomile flowers, comfrey leaves, fennel seeds, rose petals and rosemary. You are to combine the mix in a bowl of hot water while placing your face over the steam with a towel over your head. It’s detoxifying steam is sure to relax with it’s sweet herbal aroma. I look forward to trying this product and meeting Mama Fern’s unique style sometime soon.

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So there you have it, my experiences in small market finds and homemade, small batch products. I hope they live up to my expectations. Something tells me they will.

I intend to try them out in the next couple of weeks and give you full reviews on their quality, performance and applicability. Stay tuned for more! Oh, and also share your local, homemade finds with me.

Until the next one~


The Minimal Sisters.

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