Even my dog can eat my moisturizer…ah?

I wish I could go around and buy all these natural products and be like, yeah man! It is so natural and organic that you can even eat it!! Well, first of all, even if the product said you could eat it, I would not eat it, and besides I am a little too hypochondriac. I have heard that if each individual ingredient of a product is good enough to cook with then it is truly a safe natural product.

I first heard of Simple Sugars Scrub from the popular show Shark Tank. I was drawn to this product because the creator (at the time of the show she was 18 years old) started working on her products since she was 11 years old. She apparently has suffered a great deal from eczema and wanted to create a natural product that could help her. I decided to try her product maybe 6 months later after that show because my son, at the time he was 3 years old, had a spot of eczema in his face. We had gone to the dermatologist 3 times and experimented with the usual steroids treatment (not really what I wanted), just to later find out that it was infected. After the recommended round of antibiotics and the symptoms did not improve,I decided to try the scrubs.

I had read on the website, though she does not claim that her products treat eczema, personal testimonials of her products helping with eczema. The ingredients have no PEGs, parabens, sulphates or phthalates, artificial preservatives, colors or additives. They use pure cane sugar (no GMO). The scrub, like many scrubs’ main ingredient is sugar, but what I liked about this product was, of course, that the list of ingredients seemed easy to understand and she used a good amount of organic and non GMO products. On a side note, when the product came, there was a little note with the ingredients and with a little paragraph that said that it was safe if the dog incidentally ate the scrub, that it may just make his belly extra smooth when going potty!

So I purchased the product and needles to say, my son’s eczema went away after maybe 3 weeks of using it consistently. I did not use any other product while using her scrubs.

One and a half years later I decided to try her products again but this time for myself and my husband. I really needed a new facial moisturizer and something to help with the very dry skin on my feet. She explains on her website that her scrubs will make my skin so soft and smooth that I will not need additional moisturizer until your next shower; she calls it GO NOLO (no lotion). Her line of scrubs  are for face, body and feet. Man, women and even kids (just specific scrubs). Even people with sensitive skin can use her products according to her website.

I decided to get the green tea facial scrub, the happy feet foot scrub with emu oil and the eucalyptus body scrub with emu oil for my husband who has some spots of eczema. Emu oil comes from the back fat of the emu bird and gives a “super shot of moisture” to her scrubs. She recommends her scrubs with added emu oil if your skin has eczema, psoriasis or for very dry skin.




It’s been 6 weeks and I can honestly say I really like her products!! At the beginning I did not like the sensation of the sugar granules rubbing against my face, it feels rough even when you are gentle. But once you get the hang of it then it is not a big deal. Less sugar is better! As far as not needing additional moisturizer, for the most part maybe she is right. I still sometimes feel that I need a little in the middle of the day and if that is the case, I apply a little extra of only the oil that raises to the top of her scrub. I use the facial scrub sometimes twice a day, in the AM and PM. I tried to capture in the picture below the glossy look that may leave in your face after applying it. I personally like it. And the glossy look goes away maybe after 30 minutes or so.


The foot scrub has definitely help the dry skin on my feet, just a word of advice: be very careful when applying it because your feet will be very slippery!

My husband, on the other hand, does not seem crazy about his scrub. He has used it once and that is because I kind of force him to try it. For some reason the way that it comes, the packaging, it is unattractive for him, not practical!! He told me that he didn’t even know how to use it. It is a very easy product to use, you just have to open it and stir the sugar and the oils (as the sugar settles) with either your finger or the little spoon that comes with it and then apply and scrub. He is not interested in bothering with that, maybe if it came in a tube like container that he could just squeeze might be better for him. So I can’t tell you if his eczema has improve because he does not use the product.

All and all I like the product very much!



The Minimal Sisters.

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