This is for real… and we are sisters

Who would have thought I would be writing blog posts… this is like in the movies, when you finally reach the City of Oz and cannot believe you did it wearing the most uncomfortable Loubutin-esk shoes. But now I am here and I am ready to share some pretty cool ideas, products and possibly dreams to inspire some of you (not all, I know about them haters). Maybe in the end, the one to be inspired will be me. And that’s totally OK.

I guess I should start the first post with a little introduction of me: I am a mother of one darling daughter with aspirations of becoming a doctor. Yeah, you heard it right, a doctor. I am also a wife. Although lately not such a good one since my work takes the most of me, and by most I mean ALL. I live in Miami, FL not Miami County somewhere in OH where the sun don’t shine as much.

In my incessant search for the next big thing, I decided a couple of weeks ago to fulfill a long dream of mine: to become a beauty guru but not like the bubble gum sensations in the youtubes and the instragrams and all thats. I love them guns, don’t get me wrong, but for a late-30’s woman such as myself, the idea of a beauty blogging comes with much more than just a good smelling face wash or a cooling sensation under my ratchet tired eyes. I am looking for that wholesome beauty product that not only looks fabulous, smells divine, but promises to bring the bridget bardot hiding in my underbelly.

You should know that I also tagged my sister into doing this with me. There is so much to be said for sisterly love! and I am real excited about sharing this space with my practical, overly organic, non GMO, paraben free sister Wendy. I will leave it to her to write something exciting about herself, fully knowing she is dreading it since she believes there is not a funny ounce in her body (we will know very soon).


My name is Wendy and I am also a mother of two little ones. My son is 4 years old, closer to 5 and my daughter is 2 years old. As a summary of my fashion statement, I can tell you that I believe that besides loving nursing/medicine itself, I decided to be in healthcare because I could wear scrubs and dansko shoes and not worry too much about fashion. My sister has guided me approximately my entire life (yes since we were little) about what make up is in vogued and how to apply it, hair fashion, clothes fashion, shoe fashion. I literally keep the same make up and look for months and months until I see her again and helps me to update my look…I trust her judgement 100%.   We both live in sunny FL but 5 hrs away. And like she said, I am overly concern about all the chemicals, lies, and confusing terms that now days inundate our beauty world. I am, in deed, in search of a healthy beauty line for me and my family.

You are probably wondering why someone like me, would like to partner with my sister in writing a blog about beauty…secretly I do love fashion and beauty products. Also, like most people I  do want to look like those models but now I have a pessimistic way of looking at them. I have the impression that most looks do not come from the actual product they promote. Why? No possible way that the list of artificial ingredients in those products can actually provide such glorified results.  My sister’s fascination with beauty and impeccable eye for  fashion combined with my skepticism about beauty products and incredible desire to go back to basics, may lead us to better living, to better skin, to better looks, to better wellbeing.


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