Rice – Not for the hungry

Like the century old geisha secrets, rice has been used over the years to bring gleam and glow to the skin. It is no wonder these small statuesque Japanese hostesses and entertainers used the benefits of rice powder to procure long lasting beauty. The modern version of this powerful, yet so commonly known grain, comes to us in the form of Tatcha’s Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, a power activated enzyme that promises to deliver baby soft skin.

I came across the product a couple of days ago in my local Sephora. I decided to give it a try since Tatcha is a well known brand of paraben, sulfate detergents and  fragrance free beauty products, among others. You can purchase a full size 6.1 oz pot of powder for $65, or like me, opt for the 0.35 oz travel size for $15. I know, the difference is pretty stark and the amount of product from one pot to the next is considerably smaller, but I figured I didn’t want to buy a product I could possibly hate. I am known for that!

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Going into this first impressions test, I have some reservations and perhaps low expectations on the performance of the product on my skin. Here is why: I have what beauty experts call combination skin. I am semi-oily in the t-zone, but dry on the outer sections of my face. And all I know about rice beauty products is that they are used to control oil so it’s no wonder I have the feeling it will dry out my skin even further. But I am open to being pleasantly surprised. Tatcha: it’s ON!09132015 200

I start by mixing the powder with water, as instructed. This creates a nice foaming, non-soapy lather that I apply to my wet face. There is no specific smell; it is almost odorless.

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While rubbing it on, I can feel the minuscule grains of the concoction, and I can definitely feel it exfoliating away. A couple of seconds into the experiment, I start to notice a tingling sensation. It didn’t help the fact that I had to do it twice because the first time, the video did not capture the actual foaming effect on my skin. Dang it! After the second time, my skin was a little bit sore. Word to the wise: while the lathering product does not feel abrasive on your hands, the minuscule particles do have a powerful effect on the more sensitive skin of the face and go deep into the pores. Keep the rubbing to a minimum, no more than 30 seconds I would say. Perhaps there is a version for more sensitive skin? I would hope.

09132015 232

The product removes very easily from the face; with some water and light padding from a clean towel TA-DAH! your new baby face is revealed. Because of the double-rubbing, my face was red after drying. I did get that tugging-away sensation after my skin was completely dry and that to me equates to an overly dry skin. However, my face was very soft and somewhat brighter, as if that is possible since I am as white as a piece of Wonder bread.

09132015 236

It’s been an hour or so after trying the product for the first time, and I do like the feel of my skin: very polished, clean and bright.

Overall first impressions: the product delivers what it promises, an exfoliating lather that removes build up and results in smooth, clean skin. I will continue to use the product to see the effects over time, as I felt it was a little on the drying side, but first impression are just that, first impressions (duh).

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See you in the next one-


The Minimal Sisters.

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